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Roberta is a gifted nutrition counselor.  Her warmth, empathy and psychological insight, along with her keeping up to date on the latest changes in her profession, creates a pretty ideal approach to coach her clients.  None of the fat shaming, unreasonable expectations or rigid calorie counting you may have experienced in the past working with a dietitian is here. Instead, Roberta brings an individual approach that helps people focus on their strengths.


62 year old female

Newton, MA



Roberta has been a crucial member of my eating disorder recovery team for several years. Her gentle and understanding approach to nutrition education made recovery seem possible, and I am proud to call myself recovered today. Roberta uses a combination of research based practice and individualized counseling, which has allowed me to find what worked best for me and my recovery.


29 year old female

Needham, MA



There have been so many things that have helped me.


Some people may think it is common sense, but I had to learn that there are so many options of foods to have with meals, such as salad with a piece of pizza instead of chips, have two vegetables with your meat instead of a potato with all of the fixings.


I didn't think twice about having to have as much full sugar soda before seeing Roberta. I don't even miss soda 99% of the time now. I didn't realize how many chocolate candies I had every day until I started writing things down, then you realize what went/goes into your mouth for snacks.


One of the biggest things that helped me was hearing her say "Did you need to eat it/that" or "Did you need that many," I should think of it more when I am eating, I'm sure there are still many items I don't need to eat, but just go in my mouth.


What also works great is problem solving with Roberta to make my own strategies for eating, therefore I own them. Things like preparing snacks ahead of time and sketching out a weekly meal plan. These things work for me, but other people might need other strategies.


It is great to see a nutrition counselor since each person does not fit into a specific set of rules. Just handing everyone a piece of paper that says "eat this," "cut out that," doesn't always work. Working with Roberta helped me slowly cut out some foods and add on some that I NEVER thought I would eat. I told everyone I would never eat ground turkey, now I'm a liar because I have it a couple of times a month, but it was a process to get there. I'm sure I could think of many more examples.


45 year old female

Dedham, MA

I want to thank Roberta so much for her extraordinary support over the last three years. As we all know, losing weight and then maintaining a healthy approach to food is phenomenally difficult in this day and age of easily available highly processed, calorie-dense (fatty, salty, sugary...yummy) food.


I came to Roberta thoroughly convinced I would be obese and unhealthy for the rest of my life. I'd tried everything under the sun in my yo-yo ping-pong traipse up the scale. I was ashamed to even admit how bad it was. Stepping on that scale in front of her for the first time was an act of bald-faced bravery. Not once did she force me, not once did I feel judged.


Along with that intractable feeling of hopelessness was a bit of resistance to the whole idea of climbing back onto the "dieting" horse. Yet, in her trademark patient and caring way, she slowly, slowly brought me around. The incremental approach, her tailored sensitivity to where I'm at, really worked for me. She knows how to engage my strengths, and how to shore up my not-so-strengths.


Our sessions ranged from philosophy to practical - our current culture of food and it's harmful effects; choosing an apple and a few almonds instead of an energy bar or "quick" and healthy meal alternatives for a stressed-out day.


Today, I use the shame-free approach she taught me. It wasn't easy, there's no quick solution to changing 50 years of crazy-making behavior and thinking. I sometimes take a step backwards. But, I always come back to the basic lessons: eat well - planned, thoughtful, slow and delicious, emphasizing whole foods instead of processed, veggies and fruit in abundance - and be well.


Thank you, Roberta, I'm forever grateful.


57 year old female

Boxford, MA 



Roberta has been of tremendous help in guiding my son with healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle. Her compassion and expertise have been instrumental for my sons growth in these areas. Roberta provides a safe and welcoming environment for discussion on often hard topics.


Mother of 12 year old

Brookline, MA



Under Roberta's guidance, I managed to lose over 35 pounds. But more importantly, she has helped me keep it off for 9 years. My blood pressure and cholesterol are all normal and my diabetes is in much better control. I could not have done it without her. She's the best. 


67 year old male

Newton, MA

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